What next after your MBA

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What next after your MBA

Have you ever wondered what should be your next logical step after completing your MBA? For most individuals it is the chance to work in the corporate sector by finding their dream jobs. For some others it is the chance to start their own venture. For a lot of new-age millennials it is a combination of both – working in the corporate sector and then embarking on their own venture. In all these instances undergoing entrepreneur courses is the next step after your MBA.

Here the ways in which it will help –

  1. Expertise to start your own venture – The course gives you the right expertise needed to start your own venture immediately. You are made aware of the various functions that are involved in a company, the role of the entrepreneur, funding options available, the manner in which you need to develop your growth strategies and so on. This is what will position you to have the confidence to start a new organization based on your vision and passion.
  2. Understanding of company operations – Even if you choose not to start your own venture but work in a role in the corporate sector, you can acquire a higher degree of understanding of how an organization operates. You get insights into its overall functioning, the roles that exist, the manner in which departments are inter-linked, the processes undertaken to make the business a success, the roadblocks and challenges along the way and so on. It also helps you gain a higher sense of accountability and prepare for a more leadership oriented role with such knowledge.

  3. Career shifts – As you start with your career, due to the economic or global changes sometimes your role or existing skills might become redundant. Even after an MBA it is likely at times that a person might need to re-skill or upskill in order to have continuity of employment. With the turbulent global economic scenario, companies are only looking for talent that has high learn-ability and hence is more proactive. Additional courses can allow you to make the career shifts that are important at those junctures.

  4. Ability to lead – As a leader you are likely to have some stake in the organization you work for. Despite being an employee, in order to lead and generate the right business results you need to think of your department as an organization in itself. That is where the entrepreneur course will add value.

These are some things that are likely to happen after you complete your MBA, if you are proactive and look for the right opportunities to learn.