Distance Learning MBA courses for Working Professionals and Executives

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Distance Learning MBA courses for Working Professionals and Executives

Distance learning or distance education has become a very popular format of imparting education these days. With the advent of internet, high speed of data and spread of cheaper smart phones and laptops, it has become possible for people to communicate and connect virtually. The education industry is also utilising this benefit of technology by providing students an opportunity to access courses from a remote location. There are various types of courses available through the distance learning format these days. A person can study a computer language or enrol in post graduate MBA courses or executive MBA courses through institutes and educational portals who have expertise in curating and delivering such distant format courses.

There are different combinations of courses available through the distance learning mode. A student can enrol in a course that requires him to watch video tutorials online and read from the books sent to his address. Various business schools have local classrooms where working professionals come to attend classes over the weekend or in the evening.

Many students are also taking up classes through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which are available on the online educational portals where students can enrol in the course and pay the fee for taking up the course. They can access the video and text of the tutorials at their own convenience within a stipulated time period. The tests are also taken on the website and the students get graded on their performance. Once they have passed all the tests, they are given a certificate of completion. Many courses also offer projects to the students as part of an experiential learning. The duration and level of these courses may also vary. A certificate level course can take a couple of weeks while an undergraduate level or a post graduate level course can last between one to two years. All these formats, durations and levels are also available for MBA courses.

Most business schools offer executive MBA or distance learning MBA to the students. This is because many working professionals often search for a flexible MBA course which they can take up without quitting their jobs. An MBA degree can take their career notches up and is a mandatory requirement in some organizations for employment purposes.

Even if the organization does not want an MBA degree holder for a job, it must be remembered that MBA provides an opportunity for skill enhancement and knowledge acquisition to the working professionals. These elements can propel a professional’s career. One of the ways of acquiring skills is through the organizational experience that a working professional goes through. However, another way is to get enrolled in an online or distance learning MBA programme. A distance learning MBA course will help the working professionals acquire the skills in a much shorter duration of time. It will help them understand the complexities of business and the proven methodologies to tackle various aspects of work.

For a working professional the element of remote access is crucial. Most people are heavily dependent on their salaries and cannot quit their job. For such working professionals, distance learning MBA courses are the only way to pursue their dream of getting an MBA degree while continuing their education. Secondly, a regular full-time MBA is an expensive affair. Distance learning MBA programmes are much more affordable as they do not require the students to shift their base to another city or move to a hostel and pay money for food and rent. In fact, all the major business schools in the world today offer some kind of a business management course. Students who could not afford to take up such international courses due to financial concerns can now take up such courses from the comforts of their home.

It is also cheaper for colleges to offer such courses at a reasonable price because they do not need to maintain an infrastructure for distance education courses. A student needs a decent internet connection and a laptop for accessing the course. They can choose any time of the day to study. They can come back from work and dedicate an hour or two every day. They can also take up virtual classes over the weekend. Thus, distance learning MBA programmes offer a self-paced schedule to study which is a very important benefit for a working professional. The benefit of time management makes it possible for working professionals to work in the day time and study at night or on weekends.

Distance learning MBA courses are a boon for executives and working professionals. They give them an opportunity to keep updating their skills and stay employable. They provide an educational ecosystem that is flexible enough to accommodate their needs.