Deciding which MBA degree is right for you

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Deciding which MBA degree is right for you

MBA or Master’s in Business Administration is a professional degree that teaches the students various facets of handling business operations. It has several electives or specialisation from which a student can chose those specialisations he wants to study and make a career in. Some of the major specialisations include marketing, human resource management, operations management, communications management, finance etc. For example, a student who wants to work in the field of finance can opt for an MBA finance degree. A student can choose to opt for a full-time MBA course or even go for a distance MBA if he is not interested in attending regular classes.

A student needs to choose not only the type of specialisation he wants but also the duration, location and intensity of the coursework is also crucial. Some key points to consider are mentioned below –

Full Time Regular MBA vs Distance MBA

A full time MBA course is very exhaustive and usually covers all aspects of business management. However, it can also mean that a working professional will need to quit his job to be able to attend college on a full-time basis. For working professionals, a distance MBA through an online portal would be a more suitable choice as it will provide them with the flexibility to study at their own time and place.


For a working professional, this choice may be easier than for freshers. A working professional from the field of human resources may want to specialise in human resources to give a push to his ongoing career. Freshers can take feedback from seniors or choose a subject which matches their interest or previous education.


An important criterion for choosing an MBA course could be the cost. Such courses are often expensive and may require a student to get an education loan. A student should plan how he will finance in education and then go for a course.

Time Duration

An MBA programme can take anywhere between 10 months to 2 years to complete. A student should be willing to invest that much time to it and therefore must consider this aspect seriously before committing to a particular course.

While there is a large range of options for students to choose from, it is critical to choose the right specialisation as the rest of a student’s career hinges on this decision.