Can I get a job with online degree

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Can I get a job with online degree

Online degree courses have become increasingly popular in India. They offer the aspirants of various fields the flexibility to take up the education of their choice from anyplace at a fraction of a cost. The advent of faster internet and cheaper plans has enabled students from the remotest locations to look forward to an education of their choice.

However, online degree courses are still at a nascent stage. There are doubts in the minds of the people regarding their quality and validity. Not until recently, these degree courses were not a valid option in India. However, early in the year 2018, the government of India allowed many universities and colleges to offer these courses in non-technical programmes. This meant that students could take them up in any subject except medicine and engineering.

Another question that commonly comes up in reference to this format is regarding the job prospects that one has after completing one such course. For any student of online degree courses, employment opportunities after the course is a primary concern. Apart from taking up a course for personal achievement, employment is also an important prerogative for most students. Therefore, it is important for the students to find answers to some of the below mentioned questions –

1.Is the degree offered by an accredited college?

Online degrees offered by accredited colleges will have more credibility than those which are offered by a college which does not have any accreditation. These are better ignored if a student is looking for an employment opportunity.

2.What is the length of the programme?

Short duration online education might not be taken seriously by future employers when a regular format is also offered in a more detailed version by colleges.

3.Are your future employers familiar with the degree you are going for?

If the employers are already familiar with a certain degree, they are more likely to hire the students of such a programme. Many new age companies may be open to the idea of education through the online mode and lap up a good talent with this sort of education.

After carefully finding out the answers to the above questions, one can understand if it is possible to get a job with this type of education. Obviously, a candidate has to bring a host of other benefits on the table for the employer in order to be taken seriously for a job.