20 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Enrolling for Business Analytics MBA Course

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20 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Enrolling for Business Analytics MBA Course

Business analytics is one of the most popular and important fields of data analytics as it enables businesses to improve their functioning (sales, marketing, product design, customer engagement, etc.) and profitability and become sustainable in the long run.

There are several ways in which business analytics can be learnt and one of the most trending ways of doing so is through an MBA in business analytics. This course is available in a number of modes ranging from distance learning business analytics MBA to on-campus graduate and post-graduate courses.

Before enrolling in a Business Analytics MBA course, always ask the following 20 questions:

Is there a demand for business analytics in the present and the future?

Why to pursue an MBA in business analytics? This will help you understand why MBA is better than an MA, M.Sc. or other executive courses in business analytics.

What is the career scope after the course? Find out what kind of jobs you will get and if it will be in the technology side or management side since these will have extremely different challenges and work environments.

What industries and sectors will hire me?

What is the prospective pay package after this course? This will tell you about the ROI and if it is worth pursuing the course.

Who is offering the course? The course provider must have the credentials and the right faculty to deliver the course.

Does the course provider have the requisite accreditations? You do not want to end up in a dubious/invalid course and waste your precious resources.

What does the course entail? The course curriculum must be comprehensive and be designed with the current industry requirements in mind. It must train you to build sound business strategy by analyzing business data.

Does the curriculum include practical learning? The course must equip you not just with a strong theoretical foundation but the skills and tools to apply the concepts practically. Check if the course offers practical and project work.

Couse duration?

Mode of learning? The various modes include distance learning business analytics MBA, regular MBA, short-term courses in business analytics, etc. and each of these has its own strengths and drawbacks.

Is the course flexible? Distance learning business analytics MBA are extremely flexible and is learnt at a pace of one’s choosing and while attending to personal/professional commitments.

How are the lectures conducted? Especially for distance learning business analytics MBA, are the lectures pre-recorded or live. Live lectures through virtual classrooms will promote better understanding and learning.

What kind of pedagogy is used? The best distance learning business analytics MBA use hands-on and technologically advanced pedagogical methods for effective learning such as mobile apps, visual references, gamification, etc.

Am I eligible for the course?

What is the fees and is it worth it?

The next four questions are especially important for distance learning business analytics MBA:

Will I get dedicated student support?

What kind of a learning platform is used?

Does the course offer networking opportunities and mentoring?

What kind of career and placement support is available?