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MBA is one of the most sought-after courses in the recent years and rightly so. It adds value to your resume, validates your skills to handle the responsibilities of a business manager and gives a forward thrust to your career. Choosing to a do an MBA is a big decision in terms of time and money and often people take a step back because of these big commitments. This is where online MBA schools come in as a boon to people who want to pursue the course but cannot make such a big commitment. There is a debate about which mode of learning is better.

Here are 13 secrets about MBA distance learning that nobody will tell you about.

Some of the most prestigious universities and educational institutions from across the globe/ nation offer online MBA schools.

Accreditation is important: In India, it is important for all distance programs to be accredited and approved by the UGC for it to be considered a valid degree. So, double-check if the distance learning MBA course has been approved by the UGC. This will also ensure that the University/ Institution has a proper course framework, adheres to set quality standards, is not dubious and is not a waste of your money and time. The top 10 distance learning MBA programs will always be accredited ones.

Distance learning MBAs make higher education accessible. By choosing it, people do not have to uproot their lives to study; you do not have to miss work or take time away from personal commitments.

Cost-saving: Distance MBAs cost lesser than regular, on-campus programs even though the course fee for both maybe identical in many schools. The cost of accommodation (in case of international programs or those outside one’s residence), transportation costs, expenses on other resources, etc. can be saved.

A number of distance MBA schools provide financial assistance and scholarships.

The best distance learning MBA programs do incorporate experiential learning component much like direct MBA programs. This will help learners understand real-life applications of concepts. The best programs also provide opportunities to interact and network with industry experts.

Distance learning MBA programs offer great opportunities for a promising future by upskilling you in skills necessary to be a business manager or manage an enterprise and fueling career growth.

These programs offer great flexibility and you can choose the time, place and pace of study. There are self-paced courses, weekend courses and so on.

Technologically advanced methods are used for lectures, accessing syllabi and course materials, etc. and course materials can be accessed 24x7, making it a hassle-free process.

Specializations in MBA are also offered by some of the distance MBA programs.  

Best faculty and instruction: The quality of the distance MBA will also depend on who is providing the instructions and how they are doing it. So, look out for who is teaching.

Online MBA programs give better ROI since the investment is lower.

These programs offer networking opportunities with a diverse set of learners from across the globe/ nation through the online forums and communities.