10 Tips to Help You Get That Promotion

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10 Tips to Help You Get That Promotion

Waiting for the next good news from boss regarding your promotion? Well, it is your hard work and dedications that help you reap the rewards. But, in today’s competitive world, you better be aware that it would help to be proactive when it comes to getting promoted. Instead of taking the backseat in office hierarchy, one should try to outshine in work as well as in professional up gradation. Not only does it help in getting an earlier promotion, but also places you in the top crème in your organization.

Have a look at these ten tips if you want to get that promotion if you have been eyeing since long.

  • Pursue Further Education

One of the top tips to consider is to research and opt for the best next educational degree or certificate that is best for you. You obviously landed in your current job due to your best of qualification, skill and training but if the current scenario demands to obtain add-on training or education, consider doing it. Find out about reputed distance learning institute that offers online degrees and certification programs suitable for your industry.

  • Assess Your Own Performance

The best thing you can do identify where you are lacking is to conduct a self-assessment. This step is essential before you even think of applying for a promotion. Try to assess your work performance from your work ethic point of view and also from your boss’s perception about you. Getting honest with oneself is critical to judging how eligible you are for the next promoted position.

  • Count Your Achievements

Yes, your boss will do it for you but you can very well track and quantify your own achievements and have them listed objectively. It might be about how many products you sold per week or your client conversion rate or the kind of satisfactory service that you gave to clients. You can place a positive impact on the organization by showing your valuable contribution.

  • Give Credit to Others Too

Remember that you need to take the blames and share the achievements for teamwork. While this tip acts as a general career tip, it is particularly important for the promotion seekers. When you learn to share credit with other team members, you create a positive image of yourself, and the company always wants such leaders.

  • Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

You might have been there as an expert, doing it since a long time, but at some point, you ought to come out of comfort zone and take that extra step towards success. Enrolling in a continued education program in distance learning institute seems difficult, but there are thousands of people who progress that way, working and studying. Similarly, you could find better ways to do your job or suggest modifications in the department.

  • Develop Team Skills

Once you learn how to be a team player, you can move up the career ladder faster. Doing it alone or working in silos is rather impractical. Doing it with the team makes the task easier and also exhibits your leadership qualities. Try to take the initiative for projects, lead if possible and seek co-operation from team members. When you do so, the company thinks that you are a people’s person and have great team skills. At the senior positions, it is the team skills which matter more than the technical knowledge.

  • Research About the Organization’s Needs

Don’t wait for the organization to send you job vacancies or promotion alerts. You should find out what kind of open positions are vacant and whether you have transferable skills for that position. Also, it is important to find out whether there is an important missing position that could be set up in your sector. Sometimes, the promotion is just not vertical but also lateral, especially if you are changing departments or countries in the same company. So, you might want to consider such promotions as well because they may pay you better and add more skills to your resume.

  • Avoid Gossip

Office politics will always be there. While it is good to be aware of what’s happening around you in the office, it is advisable to not pay too much attention to it. Take it lightheartedly and in good spirit. Avoid being a part of such office gossip that spreads unnecessary rumours about employees. If you talk behind someone’s back, isn’t it possible that someone does the same for you?

  • Try to Volunteer

An excellent promotion tip is to offer help in doing additional jobs. It may seem an additional task to take on more responsibilities. But, if your time and schedule permits, do volunteer for those jobs. It will give you much-needed visibility, and your bosses will be able to see your potential for promotion.

  • Seek a Mentor

It is good to seek mentorship from someone who is established in a career in either your own company or in your industry who can guide you to move in the right direction.

Follow these tips to earn your promotion faster.